(Nantgarw & Swansea Pottery and Porcelain)
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Nantgarw Pottery cottage? Nantgarw Pottery cottage? This is a delightful Nantgarw porcelain breakfast dish showing a cottage and people going about their business W D John Nantgarw Porcelain Illustration 58a opposite page 152 W D John States in his work nantgarw Porcelain "It has been suggested , not without possibility, that this was a representation by Thomas Pardoe of the outlook from the rear of the Nantgarw Pottery house in which he lived, with the small ,elevated cottage or outbuildings the right, which is still standing" Anyone who has visited the Nantgarw Chinaworks will see the resemblance with the cottage painted on this dish with the small building to the rear of the Pottery House which is now used as a pottery workshop by the resident potter Sally Stubbins The dish is impressed Nantgarw cw and is decorated in Thomas Pardoe hand who lived at the pottery Newsboard Item