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A Superb Swansea Porcelain Vase " Mr.H C Moore Barley Wood " SOLD
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This superb Swansea Porcelain Ram's head handled vase was made for a Mr.H C Moore, Barley Wood, Wrighton ,Somerset The lavish gilding on this vase is typically found on work carried out by Thomas Baxter who is known to have decorated several vases of this shape while at Swansea, the script to the base is also very similar to other Baxter porcelain decorated examples, one shown in Swansea Porcelain shapes and decoration A E Jones and Sirleslie Joseph page 226. Anoyhrt two examples of Baxter painting on this shape is to be found in Swansea Porcelain by W D John illustrations 74 D & E. A similar style of decoration is to be found on illustration 75 in the same book which shows a cabinet cup with Thomas Baxter initials to the base the cabinet cup showing the lavish gilding as previously mentioned. Several examples of this style of carried out by Baxter decoration can be found at the V&A museum web site. W D John in Swansea Porcelain on page 89 states " The identification of the specific work of any ceramic artist is always somewhat difficult", and I agree but many indicators point to this vase being decorated by Thomas Baxter In fine condition with just minor wear to the gilding SOLD £ 3350.00

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